Two North-Africa breakbulk liner operators join forces

Two North-Africa breakbulk liner operators join forces

BREB GmbH & CO. KG and Boeckmans België combine strengths to Maghreb

The liner services of ‘BREB Continental Line’, operated by BREB GmbH & CO. KG, and ‘Scaldic Med Line’, operated by Antwerp based Boeckmans België NV, jointly operate their services from Northern Europe into Maghreb destinations. After many successful years under their own flag, both operators will now officially work together in serving the Maghreb countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

Shipping companies BREB GmbH & Co. KG and Boeckmans Belgium n.v., initiated a joint Liner Service as from 01st January 2019. Starting in the Baltic Sea, the joint service of BREB Continental Line and Scaldic Med Line connects ports in Germany, Benelux, UK, France, Iberian Peninsula, Maghreb States and West Med in both directions. Both Companies bring in their network of clients, forwarders, port contacts, and years of experience, to combine efforts and resources for the benefit of all clients.

Scaldic Med Line operates an owned fleet of vessels between 2.500 and 4.500 dwt capacity. The focus is the regular conventional liner service with two departures per month from Antwerp to Casablanca and regular parceling from the continent, North-Spain and Portugal to Morocco. Cargoes carried over the year imply a vast variety of breakbulk, from all types of steel products, sawn timber, logs, pipes, construction materials, project cargoes as well as dry bulk products. The small coaster tonnage makes them flexible for extra port inducement. There is also a weekly container service from Rotterdam and Antwerp to Casablanca through slot arrangements with different container carriers enabling them to offer a first class and reliable service.

BREB operates two liner services with 12 geared MPC-vessels between 4.000 – 9.000 tons DWT to the Mediterranean Sea and the Maghreb States. BREB CONTINENTAL LINE includes biweekly departures from the Baltic-/North Sea and BREB ADRIATIC PARCEL SERVICE weekly sailings from the Adriatic Sea. The geared tonnage allows loading and discharging self-sustained in all ports, thus saving handling costs for clients and enabling BREB to carry Heavy Project Cargo. The modern BREB fleet sails all around Europe, from the White Sea in the North to the Black Sea in the East.

In practice, the Joint Liner Service will guarantee more regular sailings basis the tonnages of both partners. The port combinations offered on the sailings will enable to optimize the rotations of the vessels and the transit times. The Service accepts any kind of General-, Breakbulk and Project-cargoes as well as containerized goods and Dangerous Goods according to SOLAS regulation II-2/19.4.

The teams of Boeckmans and of BREB stay at your service to the Maghreb markets. For sailing-schedules, inquiries and bookings kindly contact:

Frédéric Verbraken
Chartering Manager Boeckmans

Tel: +32 3 20 20 267
Mobile: +32 498 24 06 07

Oliver vom Endt
Chartering Manager BREBB

Tel.: +49 421 322 78 22
Mobil: +49 173 642 0160