Boeckmans, a specialist in the traditional break bulk scene on different levels.

With roots in an important break bulk port as Antwerp, Boeckmans has historically grown as a specialist into the traditional break bulk scene on different levels: agents, ship brokers and operators/owners. Boeckmans has built a solid reputation among first class break bulk carriers and break bulk cargo owners.

We offer our customers:

  • “One stop” solutions worldwide for large break bulk shipments, matching the right carrier to the cargo.
  • Break bulk solutions for cargoes ex Antwerp and Rotterdam with our extensive list of agency liner representations.
  • Local ship agency services including handling of break bulk with local know-how on the customs of the port. Boeckmans can advise and offer  for pre-carriage, on-carriage, hook, liner, lashing etc… of break bulk cargoes.
  • Chartering solutions on full or part cargoes.