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Breakbulk / Dry Bulk

Breakbulk / Dry Bulk

Conventional services from Scandinavia/North Continent to South America. Other spot cross trades worldwide can be discussed on sufficient inducement.

Regular importservices from South-Africa to Europe. (loadports: Beira, Maputo, Richards Bay)

Other spot trades such as China to Brazil (and back) and China to Persian Gulf (and back) can be discussed sub sufficient inducement.


  • +- 130 ships
  • 38.000 up to 72.000 T DWT
  • Box-shaped open-hatch vessels
  • 2 gantry cranes 25/40 T
  • Young modern fleet


    Steel & Pipes, Forestery Products, Bulk in Big Bags, Non-Ferrous, Granite, Project, Oil and Gas, Heavy Lifts, Windmill, Conventional general cargoes, Boats / Yachts
  • BULK
    Agri Products, Minerals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Coal, …
    Shipper Owned Containers SOC

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