Boeckmans started operating vessels back in 1985 when starting a service from Europe to the Indian subcontinent under the name Scaldic Asian Line. Later on a new operation was set up in 1993 called Scaldic Med Line serving the trade between NWC to Maghreb countries (mainly Morocco and Tunisia).
While this originally started with simple voyage charters, we have today five vessels in long time charter which we are operating between NWC and the Med. Scaldic Med Line is still serving the liner trade from NWC to Maghreb countries and offering the most regular sailings on this route. For more information regarding this regular sailing, please go to Scaldic Med Line
Additionally the vessels are deployed to serve our regular customers shipping all kinds of cargoes in the shortsea area around Europe. The mix of liner, tramp and contract cargoes results in a very flexible and competitive operation that serves our client base in the best possible way. Our chartering activities can be summarized as follows:
●  Our assets:
               - In house brokers
               - Own Supercargoes
               - Full technical support
●  Areas
               - Mainly Short Sea
               - North Continent
               - U.K. / Ireland
               - Full Med
               - Black Sea
●  Cargoes
               - Dry bulk
               - Breakbulk & Steel
               - Project Cargoes
               - Parcelling
●  Vessels
               - Single deckers
               - 1.500 / 10.000 ton dwcc range
               - Gearless & geared
               - Long time charter + voyage charter
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